• Maghreb-Machrek International
    No. 1-2 (2023)

    Fragmentation of Territories, Resources Trafficking and Predation
    at the Root of the Emergence of Terrorism in Libya: How did Fezzan
    Become a Sanctuary for Daesh? Rafaa TABIB

    Social Protection in Tunisia: Genesis and Extension to Informal Workers Nidhal BEN CHEIKH and Jean Yves MOISSERON

    Rebuilding in the Context of Conflict: Urban Reconstruction Policy in Damascus through the Lens of the Informal City - Valérie CLERC

    Assessing EU–Mediterranean policies in the Field of Manufacturing Industry from a Bottom-up Perspective: The case of Egypt - Jean-Yves MOISSERON, Selma FAZZANI and Khaled GUESMI

    Fostering the Social and Solidarity Economy in MENA countries: Issues and Constraints
    Philippe ADAIR, Vladimir HLASNY, Mariem OMRANI and Kareem SHARABI ROSSHANDLER

    The Youth Gender Gap in North Africa: Income Differentials and Informal Employment
    Philippe ADAIR and Hassiba GHERBI

    Review of Books, Studies and Reports
    Moroccan Economic Diplomacy towards Africa: A New Tool of Influence - Lamia NEJJAR