Author Guidelines

1. Submission of articles
Authors should submit their article by e-mail to
The Editorial Board of the journal is open to any proposal for a social science article related to the region.
2. Manuscript format
The full article must not exceed 7,500 words, or approximately 48,000 signs (including spaces), in MS Word format (.doc or .rtf).
First page: Name(s) and first name(s) of the institution(s), professional address(s), email(s) and the last two publications of the author(s).
Second page: Title of the article, no mention of the author(s), an Abstract in French and an Abstract in English up to 200 words, as well as six
keywords (alphabetical order), followed by the text and a list of bibliographic references.
Text: Times New Roman, size 12. No more than three levels, using Arabic numerals (1.; 1.1. and 1.1.1.) for the title of each section (no indentation)
with a 1.5 line spacing.
Please use full sentences and refrain from any listing with signets or bullet points.
Each paragraph is indented as this one.
Figures (tables, graphs, diagrams and maps): Times New Roman, size 10: All must be labelled and numbered in Arabic numerals; their location
must be indicated in the text. No gridlines but very few horizontal dividing lines for Tables. They will be transmitted in separate files with sufficient
resolution (ideal 300 dpi) and grayscale, colour maps can be used for the online publication.
Footnotes: Times New Roman, size 10 (no indentation). For very limited use, they must not contain references, which are included within the text.
References within the text: They are included as follows (Name year), (Name & Name year) or (Name et al year), if there are three or more
Punctuation: Appropriate use of quotation marks and moderate use of capital letters according to typographical rules.
Bibliographic references: Times New Roman, size 10 indented as shown below.
Book: Name(s), Initial(s) First name(s) (year). Title (in italics). Location, publisher.
Abdel Ghafar, A. (2018). A Stable Egypt for a Stable Region: Socio-Economic Challenges and Prospects. Strasbourg, European Parliament,
Policy Department.
Chapter: Name(s), Initial(s) First name(s) (year). Title. In Name(s), Initial(s) First name(s) authors. Title (in italics), location, publisher, pp.
Article: Name(s), Initial(s) First name(s) (year). Title. Journal (in italics), vol. and n° in numerals, pp.
Abdou, P., Salman, D. & Zaazou, Z. (2013). The Egyptian Revolution and Post Socio-Economic Impact. Topics in Middle Eastern and African
Economies, 15(1), 92-115
Thesis: Name, Initial(s) First name(s) (year). Title. Discipline. University.
Working paper: Surname(s), First name(s) (year). Title, Laboratory, University or Institution.
3. Manuscript evaluation
The editorial board reviews the submitted article, which may be selected or rejected.
The selected article is then evaluated by two (possibly three) referees, whose decision may be to accept with minor modifications, request major
modifications or reject.
Sending of an article implies that the author(s) accept(s) the conditions for publication, in the journal and online, of Eska publishing corporation.