The Journal of Legal Medicine and Medical Law has been in existence for over 40 years. It was Professor Louis ROCHE who was the founder. This publication is in line with the manuscripts published by ALEXANDRE LACASSAGNE who knew how to develop medical humanism. Currently, the Journal de Médecine Légale is the expression body of the Société de Médecine Légale de France, it is the only French-language journal of Legal Medicine, its circulation is important. Of French legal medicine professors belong to the editorial board. The journal publishes original articles and articles aimed at cutting-edge research, particularly in the field of forensic toxicology, post-mortem delay. The committee includes among them professors who are members of the Academy of Medicine, in particular Professor Etienne FOURNIER, and elected representatives of the National Assembly (Professor JARDET).

  • Cancers au Féminin, Actualités permanentes en Senologie

    The journal Cancers au Féminin publishes: original work (experimental, physiological, clinical research, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, statistical, epidemiological surveys, etc.); briefs; files; clinical facts which must be brief; technical processes; updates; general reviews, topical reviews of conference proceedings, meetings of learned societies; reviews of books and journals, announcements of scientific congresses and meetings; a free forum: letter to the authors, exchange of correspondence.

  • Revue Internationale de Psychosociologie et de Gestion des Comportements Organisationnels

    La RIPCO est la première revue de langue française principalement dédiée au champ du comportement organisationnel. Depuis sa création, la revue a publié plus de 900 articles. En 2008, la revue a obtenu le prix ADVANCIA CCIP (Paris). Elle est actuellement référencée dans les classements académiques suivants : ESSEC (depuis 2009), HARZING (depuis 2010), FNEGE (depuis 2011), AERES (2012) puis confirmé par HCERES (2015). Par ailleurs, la revue est recensée par les bases de données suivantes : CAIRN, Google Scholar, Social Science Database, ProQuest Sociology Database et Social Science Premium Collection


    Les Annales du BTP magazine is the heir to Les Annales magazine from ITBTP, created in 1948 at the initiative of professional federations in the sector. The review was then the mode of dissemination of the events organized by the Institute of Building and Public Works. In 1997, after the disengagement of the federations, the review was taken over by ESKA, which set up with the help of SEBTP (publishing house BTP) an editorial committee made up of specialists from very diverse horizons. The members of this committee were among the many engineers and researchers who, with a number of scientific and technical associations, were concerned about the risk of seeing the Annals disappear. At the end of 2002, the SEBTP, dependent on the French Building Federation, abandoned the coordination of the editorial staff.

  • Dossiers de l'Obstétrique

    The free expression journal "Les Dossiers de l'Obstetrique" is aimed at midwives, the backbone of the obstetrics team. Founded in 1974, it is the oldest and historical magazine for midwives (46th year of existence). Its ambition is to promote exchanges between professionals and especially with all birth partners. Since their creation, the "DO" have gradually conquered a respectable media position by attesting to the constancy of their original commitment, both in respect for the freedom of expression of all the speakers who have invested their pages, and in the critical and open vision of the Birth that they have developed without concession.

  • Systèmes d'Information et Management

    Information Systems and Management, a quarterly publication, is aimed at academics, researchers and professionals who want to find a real tool to help them learn and master information systems. Information Systems and Management is a scientific journal focusing on information systems approached from a management science perspective.

  • Sécurité Globale

    ESKA editions have taken over the edition of SECURITE GLOBALE since January 1, 2013. The journal, which has existed for 6 years, covers various fields. The languages ​​of publication are French and English. Global Security combines internal security issues and international strategic issues. The journal starts from the premise of a major continuum between internal security and external security linked to the strategic globalization of risks and therefore falls within a transversal thematic field favoring transdisciplinarity. The journal's field of investigation covers two major areas: security studies (terrorism and crime, health and natural risks, economic risks, management risk) and strategic studies (with an emphasis on defense studies and intelligence studies). If the journal is open to economic nalyzes and free opinions, it favors structural analyzes.

  • Journal International de Bioéthique

    Created in 1990 by Prof. L. Roche (forensic medicine) and Mr. Ch. Byk (magistrate, specialist in international law), the JIB is a bilingual quarterly journal devoted to a multidisciplinary and international approach to science, ethics and society. It constitutes a forum for reflection and analysis of issues related to the bioethics movement that has developed since the 1980s. It seeks to promote academic work from a scientific policy development perspective. It places particular emphasis on the geo-cultural and globalization aspects of techno-scientific problems.


    The theme of corporate social responsibility is older than we think. We find traces of it both in 19th-century paternalism and in the engagements of great industrial captains of the past century, whose historical analysis helps to shed light on more recent developments. But it is clear that it was at the end of the 20th century that this theme took on new importance and that it became an essential concern because it is the counterpart of the place and the major role of businesses in a global world. The relationship to time, the relationship to space, the inclusion of companies in their regulatory framework, their relationships with stakeholders have seen more changes in the last twenty years than in the previous century. 


    This review intends to be a place of exchange between researchers and communication and management professionals, an interface between practitioners and researchers with a view to sharing and progress. Its objective is to provide its readers with articles, written by authors from all over the world, of an indisputable theoretical level, and of immediate practical interest to companies. A professional and scientific review of companies and their approaches to domestic and foreign markets.

  • Photo Interprétation

    The journal is aimed at students, teachers and researchers from universities, research centers and laboratories and technical agencies or operational organizations, in France and abroad. Graduate students find concrete examples of the application of image processing or spatial analysis methods taught to them. University teachers use it to measure the progressive evolution of the use of spatial methods for the analysis of complex systems, and researchers present their results by being able to compare them with those of their colleagues. The international opening of the journal should allow it, in the years to come, to take a good place in the group of European environmental journals.


    Created in 1994, the journal Musurgia appears at the rate of four issues per year. André Riotte (1928-2011) was its editor-in-chief from 1994 to 2000, Nicolas Meeùs from 2001 to 2017. Under the aegis of the French Society of Music Analysis (SFAM), Musurgia publishes on all subjects of analysis and/or music theory. The journal aims to be a place for dialogue across institutional, national, or disciplinary boundaries.
    Spontaneous submissions are strongly encouraged.


    "MONDE CHINOIS NOUVELLE ASIE"  analyzes the economic, strategic, political and cultural evolutions of the whole formed by the Chinese world and the riparian regions, Japan and Korea, of course, but also Southeast Asia and Central Asia, especially in their relationship with China.

  • Droit, Sante et Societe

    Series E of the Journal of Legal Medicine is entitled Droit, Santé et Société. Subscribers to the Journal de médecine légaleJournal de médecine légale receive all the issues published in the 6 series. The covers of each series are in different colors. Each series has an editorial committee and all of the editorial committees are brought together in editorial committees.
    The purpose of this review is to mobilize all disciplines with the aim of being a tool for in-depth questioning and analysis of practices and technologies in the field of health and biomedicine in order to restore the relationship between law, health, and society. global dimension.


    Journal approved by the regional council for continuing medical education.

    Content for Doctors of Angiologists, Phlebologists, Cardiologists, Vascular Surgeons, Vascular Radiologists Echo Doppler, Vascular Neurologists, Generalists.
    The journal Vascular Medicine is the new name of the successor to the journal Angiology. It is a medical journal dealing with all aspects of vascular pathology: it is a working tool for vascular doctors, specialists, and generalists wishing to apply the methods of vulgar or non-vulgar vascular exploration and the current therapeutic possibilities.


    This review is intended for professionals in medical, animal and agrifood bacteriology, medical analysis laboratories, hospitals, industries and pharmaceutical laboratories, faculties of medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, science, veterinary schools, to Engineering Schools, DUT, BTS, Libraries and Institutions.


    The purpose of the Gestion des Ressources Humaines (known as RGRH) is to publish original articles in the field of human resources management. Its authors - like its readership - are mainly teacher-researchers, even if its themes can also interest professionals who are looking for elements of theoretical reflection.
    The articles can relate to all the themes of Human Resources Management, without excluding a methodological or epistemological approach, provided that they contribute to the advancement of knowledge. 


    The Reproduction Humaine et Hormones publishes articles in the following fields: Reproduction, Menopause, Contraception, involving hormones, receptors, infectious, metabolic pathology, etc.
    It publishes original works (experimental, physiological, clinical research, diagnostic, therapeutic procedures, statistical, epidemiological surveys, etc.); clinical facts, which should be brief; technical processes; updates; general reviews, topical reviews of Congress reports, meetings of learned societies; analyzes of books and journals; announcements of congresses and scientific meetings; an open forum: letter to the authors, exchange of correspondence, etc.; the reports of the French Association for the Study of Menopause (AFEM).

  • Entreprises et Histoire

    The first two issues of the journal Entreprises & Histoire were published one in April 1992, the other in December 1992 by Editions ESKA. The project had been formed two years earlier by François Caron, professor at the University of Paris IV and Patrick Fridenson, director of studies at EHESS. It was born from the observation that France lacking a magazine specially devoted to the history of companies, unlike the other large industrialized countries, be it Great Britain, Italy, Germany or the United States. This situation appeared to be all the more paradoxical since the discipline had known, since the 1970s, a boom parallel to the movement of reconciliation between French society and its businesses, which marked this period. All the French professors of economic history, as well as several professors of management agreed to serve on the Editorial Board. A request for subsidy was presented to the Industrial History Committee, created near the Minister of Industry and chaired then by Mr. Fauroux, another near the CNL. The first was granted within the framework of the Institute for the History of Industry, chaired by Mr. Roger Martin, in April 1991. It took the form of support subscriptions paid in December 1991 and February 1992. The the second, of 40,000 francs, was granted in July 1991 and paid in July 1992.


    Maghreb-Machrek is a social science journal of politics on the Arab-Muslim world. It brings together articles from researchers on the following themes: political systems, social mobilizations, transnational dynamics, and international relations. On all these points, while adopting a historical perspective in order to understand the current developments, it deals with contemporary issues in this region to offer an in-depth analysis.


    Created at the initiative of Alain Touraine in 1964 by Documentation française and taken over in 2002 by the Choiseul Institute, then by ESKA Publishing in 2013, Problèmes d''Amerique Latin is one of the main language journals French on contemporary political, economic, social and cultural developments in Latin America. It is the only Latin American journal to be published exclusively in the French language. Led for forty years (until 2005) by Daniel Pécaut, it is today led by Marie-France Prévôt-Schapira (since 2006) and Gilles Bataillon (since 2010).


    The JOURNAL DE GESTION ET D’ECONOMIE DE LA SANTÉ publishes original scientific articles in health economics and management, whatever the field of research:: research on health services, health policies, economic evaluation technologies (goods, services, and medical procedures) or health interventions (organizational changes, methods of remuneration, screening programs, etc.), management of health organizations (forms of coordination, teamwork, and quality of life professional, use of technology, etc.). The journal is made up of two series: a management series and an economic series. Articles are oriented by the editorial staff to one or the other series according to the disciplinary orientation of the articles.


  • Bankers, Markets & Investors

    Bankers, Markets and Investors aims at publishing short and innovative research articles in the areas of banking, financial markets and investment with relevant practical application for investors. The purpose of the journal is to create a bridge between academics and professionals, by publishing articles that have direct relevance to those working in finance. We seek short articles, forward-looking and rigorous, written in a style accessible to professional readership. The themes of the journal include the following: portfolio choice, investment management, institutional investors (pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance, mutual funds…), individual investors and household finance, behavioral finance, alternative investments (hedge funds, private equity…), derivatives and structured finance, liquidity and transaction costs, socially responsible investment, funds and corporate governance, regulation and financial risk management, capital markets, interest rate instruments, asset backed securities, equities and convertibles, securities design, currencies, corporate finance, hedging strategies, asset liability management.