Authors Guidelines


Every manuscript, whether solicited or not, is submitted to the reviewing committee for their opinion. They may decline the article or suggest alterations that they deem necessary. There are two reviewers, chosen from within the publication committee, but if needed, reviewers external to this committee may be called upon. In case of disagreement between the two reviewers, the editor in chief will have final decision after consulting a third reviewer.

Three copies of the text, typewritten with double spacing, one side only, 25 lines per page, should be sent.

We recommend the following lengths depending on the category of article:

–             20 pages maximum for original articles and literature reviews.

–             10 pages maximum for technical notes and 5 pages maximum for clinical cases.

The pages are to be numbered in the top right-hand corner.

The first page should bear the title and/or the subtitle, the first name initials, the names of the authors, the title and complete address of the organisation (laboratory, hospital, university, etc.) where the work was carried out, along with the author’s complete address to which proofs for correction, abstracts and any correspondence will be sent.

Key-words, in French and English, should be suggested by the authors.

The text of the article should begin on page 2. We strongly recommend following the conventional plan: introduction, material and methods, results, discussion, conclusion. Sub-titles of equal value should be indicated in an identical way. Known international abbreviations may be used.

For less familiar terms, the meaning should be given in brackets the first time they appear in the text. Definitions may be given in a glossary.

The names of the authors quoted in the text should be followed, in brackets, by a number referring to the bibliography.

A brief summary of no more than 10 lines must be enclosed with the manuscript. A summary in English should be provided by the author (along with the translation of the title of the article). Otherwise the author shall accept the translation provided by the editors.

It is essential that an electronic version of the article proposed be sent to the following email address:

Please include the email address of the main author


References should be arranged in alphabetical order, and for each author in chronological order. They should be numbered and appear as follows:

–    Article references should include in order: name and first name initials of authors, exact title in original language, name of journal according to Index Medicus international rules, year of publication, volume, first and last pages of article.


  1. DEBARGE A., MARQUET L.A. - Lésions histologiques hépatiques chez les toxicomanes décédés, J. de Méd. Lég., 1982, 25, 4, 527-531.

–   Book references should include in order: name and first name initials of authors, title of book, identification of publisher (name and town), year of publication and, when appropriate, page(s) quoted.

We strongly recommend limiting the references to 20.


Iconography shall be strictly limited.

Each document should be identified by a number:

  • Tables shall be numbered using Roman numerals and figures using Arabic numerals; all of them shall be quoted in the text;
  • Graphs and diagrams shall be provided in their original format, or as photographic images. They should be directly reproducible and supplied on white paper or tracing paper.

All illustrations must be accompanied by a detailed caption on a separate page.


They should not appear in the body of the article but individually on the last page of the article. Details of any grants awarded to the authors should also be mentioned here.


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