About the Journal

The current evolution of medicine within the social group, the more and more precise regulation of medical activity, the constant relations between medical activity, judicial organization and public administration, explain the development of forensic medicine and medical law.



The Journal of Legal Medicine and Medical Law has been in existence for over 40 years. It was Professor Louis ROCHE who was the founder. This publication is in line with the manuscripts published by ALEXANDRE LACASSAGNE who knew how to develop medical humanism. Currently, the Journal de Médecine Légale is the expression body of the Société de Médecine Légale de France, it is the only French-language journal of Legal Medicine, its circulation is important. Of French legal medicine professors belong to the editorial board. The journal publishes original articles and articles aimed at cutting-edge research, particularly in the field of forensic toxicology, post-mortem delay. The committee includes among them professors who are members of the Academy of Medicine, in particular Professor Etienne FOURNIER, and elected representatives of the National Assembly (Professor JARDET).


The purpose of this journal is to publish original articles and to publish the most interesting communications which are presented to the Society of Legal Medicine and Criminology of France which meets once a month. This journal publishes original articles, many of which are references in Anglo-Saxon journals. The aim of this journal is to promote young authors, stimulate fundamental research in the field of Forensic Medicine and develop medical humanism.

The Public

The public is essentially made up of forensic pathologists and physicians specializing in the expertise of personal injury. Among the readership are magistrates, criminal lawyers and jurists. A promotional effort must be made in several areas vis-à-vis medical students not yet specialized and vis-à-vis young lawyers.