Authors Guidelines


For oncologists, radiologists and radio therapists, gynecologists, practitioners and professionals health facing cancer pathologies in the women.

All fields and pathologies of cancer will be covered by the different headings.

It publishes: original work (experimental research, physiological, clinical, diagnostic procedures, therapeutic, statistical, epidemiological surveys, etc.); briefs; files ; clinical facts which must be brief; technical processes; bets on point ; general reviews, news reviews of reports of Congresses, Company meetings Scholars; reviews of books and magazines, announcements of scientific congresses and meetings; a Tribune free: letter to authors, exchange of correspondence, etc.

The journal publishes articles that have never been published in French before.

The authors agree to request permission from the Journal Editor in case they would like to reproduce all or part of their article.

The manuscripts should be sent: - or by e-mail to: (in file attached word.doc), - either by post: paper version + CD (Mac or PC) at AGPA Éditions, for the attention of Doctor Marc Espié,

Editor-in-Chief of the journal Cancers au Féminin, AGPA

Editions 4, rue Camélinat, 42000 Saint-Etienne

Phone. 04 77 43 26 70 - Fax 04 77 41 85 04


All articles will be submitted for acceptance to editorial committee for the attention of the secretariat of Writing. In the event of a reasoned refusal, the manuscript will be returned to the author. In case of acceptance, reductions or modifications may be suggested by the committee writing.

The original and 2 copies must be provided including tables and figures (photographs or slides, and a set prints on paper).

Text should be entered with double spacing, 2.5 cm margins and with only one side per page.


The first page should include the title of the article, names and first names of the authors, the full address of the service hospital or the authors' address (with telephone, e-mail and fax), keywords (in French and in English) and an explanation of the title.

The title should be brief and clearly indicate the subject of the work, include functional words, the very first should be, as far as possible, a keyword.

The keywords (maximum 5) are proposed by the authors for use in the bibliographic index, for writing Table of Contents and Documentation Services International. They must therefore be chosen with care.

The explanation of the title is intended to appear in the summary of the journal. It must have a maximum of 2 lines and call back the topic and the main result of the article.



On the next page should appear two summaries (one in French, one in English, maximum 15 typed lines each). Each of these summaries should be concise, and include the details provided by each head of chapter.



Articles should include: an introduction, a development and a conclusion. Chapter titles should be brief.


They should be avoided whenever possible. Otherwise, they must be explained when the first quotation in the text, except if they are abbreviations referring to.



The generic name, the specialty name, the title of marketing laboratory and its address (for example : Paris France) must be provided.


Grouped at the end of the article, they must be numbered and listed in alphabetical order. They must include :

  • The name of ALL the authors (proper name in full, initials for first names) (""et al"" is not allowed);
  • Full title references, without abbreviation;
  • For journals, they must include: the title of the Review, in short, according to international standards, the year, the volume and the first and last page;

  • For works, they must include the name of the Publisher, the city, the publication announcement and the first and last pages if it is a chapter, or the number of pages if this is the entire book.


Journals: Carison H.E., Wasser H.L., Levin S.R., Wilkins J.N.: Prolactin Stimulation by meals is related to protein content. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab., 1983, 57, 334-338.

Book: Peillon F., Vincens M.: Hyper-prolactinemia hidden or not visible. in Prolactin-neurotransmission and fertility, Masson Ed, Paris 1 982, pp. 231-235.



Tables must be entered in double space, each on separate sheet and must be sufficiently explicit so as not to have to resort to text. They must be numbered in Roman numerals.

The figures will be numbered in Arabic numerals. Their number should be limited. They must be entered on sheets separate and of perfect quality.

To avoid any mistakes layout, it is advisable to indicate on the back figures the top and bottom, the figure number and the name of the first author.

All black and white figures must have a legend. Captions should be provided on a separate sheet.

They must be expressed at the end of the article, as well as the any indications of subsidies that could have been granted to authors.


They must be expressed at the end of the article, as well as the any indications of subsidies that could have been granted to authors.


Authors and members of the editorial board will receive remuneration equal to 10% of net income excluding journal taxes, these copyright will be divided into depending on the number of pages written and printed in the year. Liquidation taking place at the end of the financial year the editor.