About the Journal

A medical journal devoted to the specifics of cancers in women and to a better understanding of their particularities. In fact, in addition to specifically female gynecological cancers, there are differences between men and women in relation to this condition. risks are not all the same or do not lead to the same consequences.

All the fields and pathologies of cancer will be covered by the different sections: Skin cancer, Palliative care / immediate care, Prevention-Training, Hematology, Urology, Breast cancer, Uterine cancer, Thrombosis and cancer, Psychology, Cancer Marrow, Pain / Quality of life, Ovarian cancer, Gynecological surgery, Cancer of the digestive system, Thyroid cancer, Pulmonology.

The journal Cancers au Féminin publishes: original work (experimental, physiological, clinical research, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, statistical, epidemiological surveys, etc.); briefs; files; clinical facts which must be brief; technical processes; updates; general reviews, topical reviews of conference proceedings, meetings of learned societies; reviews of books and journals, announcements of scientific congresses and meetings; a free forum: letter to the authors, exchange of correspondence.

The journal publishes articles that have never been published in French before. 



The journal CANCERS au FEMININ - PREVENTION AND CARE - is aimed at oncologists, radiologists and radiotherapists, gynecologists, practitioners and health professionals who are confronted with cancerous pathologies in women.